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We test every site obsessively. Over and over, until we're satisfied. Only then do we proceed to launch.

At KW Works we test every site throughout the design process to ensure that all the details are in place. We won't launch your site until we're sure that all the links function properly, all the pages have a professional appearance, that the entire site works as intended. All code is fully tested prior to going live, and continually monitored during execution.

User Testing

We also test using real people. We want to make sure users truly "get it" when they interact with our sites—do they understand the purpose of the site, the value proposition, how it's organized, how it works? We run a variety of key task tests—tests that ask users to do something as we watch how well they do it.

Most design firms that run "live" tests with users usually charge significantly for this service. We don't. Taking our cue from usability guru Steve Krug, we employ a "guerilla" form of testing. This is a low-cost, high-impact way to observe and correct usability problems early on. The information gleaned from usability tests has been proven to save both time and money. Some of its principles:

  • Test early, and test often
  • Testing one user is 100 percent better than testing none
  • Testing one user early in the project is better than testing 50 near the end
  • Nothing beats a live audience reaction


Prior to go-live, we'll double-check everything, get final approvals, and make sure the site is ready for prime time. Once we've tested, tested, and tested absolutely everything to ensure a flawless user experience, we'll meet with you to discuss how you can get the most out of your launch. Then, when everything is in place, we'll flip the magic switch and send your site out into the real (virtual) world.

We won't go away once your new website has gone live: we're here to maintain and extend your website whenever you need us.