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Beautiful design deserves compelling content. Otherwise the job is only half-done.

Good web copy has to be persuasive, concise, and search-engine friendly. Sound daunting? You're in luck. Here at KW Works, we love beautiful content just as much as fabulous design. Web design is about communication—both visual and verbal.  Images tell a story, and words turn that story into a call to action. Your site isn't just showing, it’s also telling people who you are and how you can help them. If your brand is all about old-fashioned business ethics and family-friendly customer service, your content should speak that language. If you're a high-tech consulting firm with lots of specialized expertise, your website needs to talk that talk. Content, as the saying goes, is king.

Telling Your Story

Most design firms don’t even offer copywriting services—they expect you to provide most of the text that appears on your site. Web users love beautiful, user-friendly design. But they also read. They want to know that you understand their needs, anticipate their concerns, and, yes, share their dreams. They're looking for a good deal from a company they can trust, but they’re also looking for an emotional connection. Clear, concise, and evocative language will not only tell your customers what you are offering, but why they need it. Your site should be more than an interactive ad—it should be a pleasurable experience. Think of it this way—long before there was an Internet, there were salespeople. Ask any of them, from any period in history, and they'll tell you the same thing:  sales is all about story.

In the era of Google and search crawlers, your story has to please search robots as well as people. Your content has to be relevant, with the right keyword density, or search engines won't like what they see, and they won't know how to index your site properly. You can easily end up on page twenty in the organic search results for the keywords that are the most valuable to your business. Writing copy that's both SEO-friendly and emotionally compelling isn't easy. That's why you should leave it to the professionals. We'll tell your story in a way that's persuasive, fun to read, and adored by search engines.

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