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By understanding your business and listening to your customers, we create interactive experiences that deliver.

A great website aligns your customers' experience with your business aspirations. A great user experience, together with a nuanced marketing and demographics strategy, will deliver on a business's revenue goals. So the first order of business is to identify your typical users, understand their expectations, and develop strategies for meeting their needs.

We'll Get to Know Your Typical Users

One of the key initial stages is identifying exemplary user personas. Not everyone browses the web or uses a website in exactly the same way, but commonalities do occur. The personas that we create are a composite of a theoretical "typical user." This composite offers insight into the characteristics, needs and expectations of the users who will actually interact with your website.

Our goal is to create a meaningful and pleasurable user experience through a deep, empathic understanding of the website's intended customers. Research shows that increasing customer satisfaction by just 5% can lead to a 25% increase in revenues. A website that meets user needs will deliver real economic value, including:

  • attracting new customers
  • promoting your brand and enhancing your brand image
  • increasing customer loyalty and enthusiasm
  • providing superior customer service and communications

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