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ASP.NET greatly facilitates the development of large scale web applications by simplifying the coding process.

Microsoft's .NET Development Platform offers many advantages over traditional web programming platforms.  It offers increased application speed and response time, improved reusability of programming code and easier integration with other applications. ASP.NET enhances performance by taking advantage of just-in-time(JIT) compilation, native optimization and caching services. ASP.NET code executes on the server before it sends pure HTML to the browsers, which further optimizes functionality.

.NET Business Applications

We provide custom business applications in ASP.NET for businesses of all sizes. ASP.NET offers superior stability, security and functionality at all levels, but is particularly advantageous for businesses with complex needs and a large number of users.

.NET E-commerce Programming

We develop all of our custom E-commerce websites in ASP.NET. These websites typically feature multiple advanced functions, including real-time order tracking, support for multiple currencies and languages, and automatic FedEx shipping label generation.


Microsoft's new Silverlight technology takes interactive web experiences to the next level. With its tight .NET development platform integration, Silverlight allows us to create sophisticated motion graphics, including video integration, Rich Internet Applications (RIAs), superior AJAX applications and much more. Our developers can use this cross-platform tool to truly integrate form and function on your website.