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At the heart of our continued success is the experience, energy, and passion of our team.

Kirk Williams

our staff - kirk

Kirk has had a passion for business and marketing since the fourth grade, when he purchased his first subscription to the Wall Street Journal. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he wandered east for a time, picked up a Harvard Ph.D., and taught at Yale for eight years. While in New Haven, he amused himself by developing pedagogical computer games and earned the undying gratitude of his students by letting them play for class credit. After his sojourn in the ivory tower, he's come back to Michigan. In 2008, KW Works was born. If Kirk's creative vision and technical skill are the foundation of the company, his entrepreneurial energy is its driving force. As a small businessman himself, he understands the bottom line; he's passionate about helping small businesses grow into major market players. When not conjuring web magic for his clients, Kirk enjoys going a few rounds with the heavy bag, constructing toy soldier battlefields with his son, and dreaming about the day when Michigan will once again be a football powerhouse.

Gayle Margherita

our staff- Gayle

Gayle is a self-proclaimed word nerd who has found her true calling as a web copywriter and market researcher. She can spend hours wandering around Google looking at website design and assessing content. A Cornell Ph.D., published author, and avid blogger, Gayle treats every client's business as a chance to learn a new marketing language. She knows that good content is the key to a successful web presence, and that persuasive ad copy hooks the reader by telling a good story. Even if the story is only 140 characters long. She's often chagrined by the low quality of web content out there, and determined to raise the standards, even if she has to do it single-handedly. Yes, she's a little competitive. When she prepares your market analysis, she's focused on one thing: helping you to come out on top. Oh, and don't ever play board games with her. She plays to win, and has been known to gloat. Gayle's also a passionate animal lover, social networker, and Italian cook. If you like her web copy, you'll love her lasagna!

Alfred Berg

our staff - al

A native of Munich, Al completed his degree in Computer Science in 1999. He followed his future wife to the US in 2000, spending the better part of the decade toiling in the corporate jungle. Al's an inveterate code geek, with, as he freely admits, the social skills to match. Get him talking about content management systems, migration-to-web of legacy applications, or secure intra- and extranets, however, and you'll be hard-pressed to get a word in edgewise. Al has solid experience with MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, and MS Access database systems, and he's happy to bend your ear about their relative merits. When he's not hunched over a computer or hanging with his family, he's playing rabid fanboy to FC Bayern Munich, his hometown soccer—er, football team.

Stephen Lehrer

our staff - steve

Steve is our resident open source guru. A master of all things PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Unix, and all that other open source hay nonny nonny. He also gets really excited talking about E-commerce platforms and content mangagement systems —we've discoverd that his true love is and will always be WordPress. We certainly can't hold that against him. Steve hails from the Southwest and received his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Arizona State University. He loves to get back to the Southwest whenever he can to fish and hike.


our staff - finn

Finn is our go-to guy for all our retrieval needs. Whether he's chasing mini soccer balls, begging for food, or watching other dogs on TV, Finn approaches the task with gusto and (sometimes excessive) enthusiasm. He takes his company mascot role seriously, and has been known to bark maniacally when a particular design meets his high standards. Clients can rest easy that no design leaves our office unless it passes the rigorous Finn Test of Excellence.